Hifest, the Hastings Illustration Festival is back next month. I designed this year’s identity and will be there doing a panel discussion (And buying all my christmas presents)

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Interesting Bunting

Basic RGB

The Genitalia Festival takes place on Athoek station in the Ann Leckie novel Ancillary Sword

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cucumber varieties


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Dead Level


This makes more sense if you see it up on a wall…

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Still Life


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Now Play This


Now Play This is a festival about games and play, taking place at Somerset House. I did their identity.

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Memory Lane

I wrote a review of the Ladybird By Design Exhibition at the De La Warr Pavilion for Grafik. You can read it here.

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Bleep Circle



Design for the ever magnificent Bleep.com. T shirts bags and stickers available here. Have a look out the other designs too. They are all very nice. I particularly like the Sawdust one.

In my design the silver colour represents water. Water coming to our planet on a bunch of comets and then water dwelling underground in humungus aquifers. Both things that are a very big part of what water has been up to in the last 5 billion years but that you don’t tend to think about so much when you are thinking about water.

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I love Guitar Pedals! This is a close up from a very large mural that I designed for Three. Here is another one:

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Stevedores Present


I designed the identity for bibliocentric gift-service Stevedores Present. They are ace. Also, Becky’s granddad was a Stevedore and I am a big fan of the Stevedores knot

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I designed this film for FutureLearn, which in an amazing online learning resource. I worked alongside
animation studio Mummu. I haven’t done a FutureLearn course yet but have my eye on Moons.

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Superb Bird-Of-Paradise


This fella

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Wild Rumpus VI

WR2014_This is my favourite Wild Rumpus poster yet. I got a bit carried away with the phoney screen-print look but, well I don’t care any more….Buy a ticket!


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Writing about Hohokum

HOHOKUM_JDScreenshotsmallLook at these bewildered animals! They don’t know what the hell is going on. Not unlike many of the journalists tasked with reviewing Hohokum. Still, I am broadly happy with how our game has been received. We always knew that there would be a fair amount of WTFing and blinding.

And some people have written insanely lovely things. Here are some of my favourites:

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