Wild Rumpus San Francisco

Another day another Wild Rumpus announcement. On March 7th we are collaborating with One Life Left and Venus Patrol on an event to coincide with GDC week. For tickets and more information go here

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Wild Rumpus II

We are doing Wild Rumpus again next week. Here are some photos from last time


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Frobisher Says

I have just got back from Gamescom where Sony announced the videogame that I have been making for the past few months. Frobisher Says is the third collaboration between myself and and Honeyslug, only this time around we have also worked with a load of other artists and designers to bring a varied look to the game. More on them later (There are about twenty artists involved). For the time being I am just going to mention Jon Boam, Kwok Fung LamTamas and Jude Buffum, who’s work features prominently in this teaser film. The voice of Frobisher is, of course, Kevin Eldon.
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Johann Sebastian Joust

Last night we played a little Johann Sebastian Joust in the street. Here are some more photos…

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The Wild Rumpus is a new videogame night that I am co-directing. I also designed the identity.

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Indie Dreamin’

This is awesome. Also, my game “Hohokum” features in it.

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I designed this Tee for the amazing Killscreen magazine.

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Hohokum fan art!

An out of focus phone photo of 0ur first ever fan art! Becky made it for me as a kind of lucky mascot for IGF.

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Desktop background Wallpaper

Hohoku is in the IGF next week! We will have some free stuff, badges and whatnot for people who come and play our game. But here is some free stuff for those who can’t make it. A new Hohokum wallpaper. Here are your links to all the various popular resolutions…

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Giant Popnuts

A new element that we’re playing around with for the IGF build of Hohokum.

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Poto & Cabenga now on iPhones

As of this morning  Poto & Cabenga  is avalible on the iphone.
If you don’t have an iPhone you can still play good old fashioned flash Poto & Cabenga here.
The iphone version is better though. It has a new never-ending mode to satisfy the addicted. Also, you can play it in the bath. Here is the trailer…
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Hohokum Badges

Our badges arrived today. If you are in the IGF you have to have badges, right?  As you can see they are kind of modular…

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Games Journo Story

This is the best review of Hohokum yet. Play Games Journo Story here.

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Trains Trains and Trainmobiles

I’m having great fun playing Trainyard.  It is one of those games where the internal logic is so rich and satisfying, where nothing feels contrived or shoehorned in.  Not only is it a compelling puzzle game but it has some of the satisfaction of engineering to it. The delight of building a real train-set. When, for instance your solution involves two trains sharing the same stretch of track, traveling in opposite directions, timed to just miss each other… well its a nice feeling.

So Trainyard isn’t just about solving puzzles but solving them with panache, making strange and beutifull hyrogliphics as you go.

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World Of Love

Me and Ricky are speaking at World Of Love next week.

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