Now Play This 2019


This years identity for Now Play This is a bit of a departure from previous years.

I also made the tile set from it available as game assets here.

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Becky Hogg logo

I designed this logo for Becky to reflect the weird hybrid of embroidery and carpentry that her work has recently become. You can buy her stuff on EtsyRead more →

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It was announced today that The design company Airside is going to close in the new year.
It is no underestimate to say that, more than anything else, Airside made me who I am. When I arrived there in 2003 I was a bitter, failed fine-artist in my late twenties. I didn’t know what I was doing with my life and was at an all time creative low-point. To be honest I didn’t have any interest in design, illustration or animation, I was just looking for any job I could get my hands on. I still can’t quite believe that they saw any potential in me.
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IGF link-dump

(Photo of Petri at the Killscreen/CphGC party by Brian Taylor)

Today I am doing a talk to Bournemouth university students about my recent experiences of being in the IGF and about Indie games in general. This post is intended as a resource to those students so that they can find some of the stuff that I am talking about. (and to anybody else who is interested)

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Back in June I wrote about the demise of Grafik magazine.  Now, they are back on their feet and we went to the launch last night.  I was exited to see what the new Grafik would be like. Designed by Michael Bojkowski, it looks amazing. You can read more about the new grafik here

Also, I found out that the last of the old Grafiks (which was never printed) is now alvalible as a pdf . There is an article by me in it!

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