Writing about Hohokum

HOHOKUM_JDScreenshotsmallLook at these bewildered animals! They don’t know what the hell is going on. Not unlike many of the journalists tasked with reviewing Hohokum. Still, I am broadly happy with how our game has been received. We always knew that there would be a fair amount of WTFing and blinding.

And some people have written insanely lovely things. Here are some of my favourites:


Simon Parkin at Eurogamer said lots of nice things and gave us 9/10!!

Sean Bell at Midnight Resistance pretty much nails it.

I don’t know who Jedediah H is but I suspect he is some kind of seer or shaman. His review reads like a fever dream. I like how he has renamed the Long Mover ‘Francine Skylark’.

This write up by John Lindvay is very charming too.

I love everything that Rob Fearon writes and was overjoyed at the nice stuff he wrote about Hohokum here.

And actually, I quite like the Killscreen article that Rob mentions at the start of his piece. It’s not entirely positive but It makes some good points and has some nice gonzo passages. I love the last paragraph.

Finally, and this is actually quite hard to write, Cristian Donlan, erm, COMPARED US TO STANLEY KUBRICK. Stanley motherfucking Kubrick!!! That’s right. The guy who made Eyes Wide Shut.

If anyone else writes anything nice I will add it here later. Unfortunately that is less and less likely to happen as videogame journalism is being systematically destroyed by people who, as a by-product of their prejudice, believe that impartial product evaluations are all it should concern itself with and are using the most wretched forms of online abuse to get there way. I love journalists. I love good writing about games and I am grateful that people have written such imaginative and thoughtful stuff about my own game. So, yeah, if there are any nice people left to write anything else nice I will put it here.






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