IGF link-dump

(Photo of Petri at the Killscreen/CphGC party by Brian Taylor)

Today I am doing a talk to Bournemouth university students about my recent experiences of being in the IGF and about Indie games in general. This post is intended as a resource to those students so that they can find some of the stuff that I am talking about. (and to anybody else who is interested)

Indie gaming is awesome. Even in the one year since I was last at IGF the Indie scene is noticeably stronger, more confident and -well it just feels like the most important things that are happening in gaming are indie.  Here is a random collection of links to stuff I liked and the people I met at this years IGF. Many of these are other games/people that were nominated, others are people who were just around, staying in the hostel or whatever.


Ed Key


Martin Jonasson

Christoffer Hedborg



Terry Cavanagh

Erik Svedäng

Copenhagen Game Collective

GLiD (Go Bournemouth!)


Tiny & Big

Infinite Blank





Super Crate Box

Steph Thirion

Hazzard, The Journey Of Life

Retro City Rampage

This is just some of the stuff that I liked and the people I met. If none of it floats your boat then go to the IGF site and trawl though the nominations and entrants.




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